Infor Enterprise Asset Management

Asset management software that moves you closer to maintenance maturity

Infor EAM is best-in-class asset management software that can help you digitize and optimize your maintenance operation to reach new levels of efficiency. This 21st-century solution is built in industry-specific editions to address your unique challenges. Unlike niche solutions that simply can’t grow with you, or ERP add-on products that require extensive customization, Infor EAM is a purpose-built asset management software that's ready to scale and transform with your organization.

  • Maximize the reliability and performance of assets
  • Predict equipment failure and carry out preventative maintenance
  • Comply with strict legal and environmental regulations
  • Streamline purchasing and procurement
  • Track labor costs and reduce downtime

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Scalable and dynamic

Built on a platform with high uptime and able to handle elastic demand, Infor EAM’s modern architecture scales to add computing power as needed.

Easily deployable

Infor EAM is supported on all mobile devices, operating systems, and screen sizes for on-the-fly fieldwork and informed, efficient decision making

Powerful, native mobile capabilities

Infor EAM's mobile application is built by Infor and embedded as a standard tool to ensure no lag time

Solution Benefits

Up to 50% reduction in maintenance overtime, labor, and contractor costs

Production downtime reduction

20% reduction in production downtime

Warranty cost recovery

50% increase in warranty cost recovery

Inventory level reduction

30% reduction in inventory levels

Inventory carrying cost reduction

20% reduction in inventory carrying costs

Materials cost reduction

10% reduction in materials costs

Purchasing process cost reduction

50% reduction in purchasing process costs

Labor productivity improvement

20% improvement in labor productivity

Infor EAM core modules

Asset management

Record, maintain, structure, and standardize asset information. Capture the identity, configuration, and structure of physical assets, their complete technical and commercial configurations, and current position (either by location, functional position, or tag) as well as past locations and maintenance history.

Work management

Manage, plan, and monitor work and the resources necessary to complete work. Create standard, regular, and PM work orders and schedules, and define work information such as supervisors, permits, qualifications, employees, shifts, tools, checklists, and more.

Materials management

Determine the correct stocking levels to provide an acceptable service level of parts and supplies to meet anticipated demand from maintenance. Minimize the working capital invested in stocked parts and supplies, and automate storage room management, purchase requisitioning, goods receipts and returns, parts repair, and record-keeping.

Procurement management

Manage every aspect of the purchasing cycle from requisition creation, approvals, supplier selection, purchase order placement, and goods receipt through invoice matching. Ensure the selection of qualified suppliers and obtain the best price and delivery terms.

Budget management

Automate the budget creation process and the subsequent capture, supervision, control, and analysis of the expenditures associated with maintenance work. Calculate a variety of financial and performance indicators that serve as input to critical enterprise performance measures.

Inspection management

Simplify the formation of inspection routes, the specific measurement points on each asset, the aspects to be measured, and the collation of results. Link with the asset management and work management modules for the listing and creation of work orders.

Project management

Automate the administration of the complete project process from initial budget and time-scale planning to completion of the final work. Facilitate comparison of actual status and progress of work, resource usage, and costs against a project plan.


Exchange, update, and share information between Infor EAM and external software systems, with EAM’s system architecture.

Asset management services

Track all the costs incurred for services delivered to customers, including maintenance costs, costs for fuel consumption, equipment usage, rent or lease, and utility charges. Automatically include costs on periodically generated invoices.

Safety management

Identify and control all hazardous situations, materials and activities to protect people and the environment. Comply with health, safety, and environmental (HSE) regulations.


More than 200 pre-built reports support every module within Infor EAM, from administration and assets to budgeting and inspections.

Advanced add-on modules


Track calibration data for equipment categories, assets, systems, and positions. Define test point data and associate test point sets with work orders and preventive maintenance (PM) work orders.


Easily increase the number of users submitting work requests and purchase requests without significantly increasing the financial investment. Requestor effectively extends basic Infor EAM functionality from room-to-room or site-to-site and lowers the total cost of ownership.

Geographic Information System (GIS) interface

Through the combination of Infor EAM’s intuitive interface and seamless GIS integration, pinpoint assets and access critical information prior to servicing, streamline workflow on widely-dispersed equipment, and create a consolidated, easy-to access view of asset location and history—resulting in increased workforce efficiency and lower costs.

Infor EAM Analytics

Get a single point of view that incorporates data from any number of disparate sources. Collect asset data using Infor EAM, analyze the data and model “what if” scenarios to predict future performance, and make betterinformed business decisions to optimize asset performance and improve overall productivity.

Infor EAM iProcure

Plan work, track parts usage, manage stock levels, and replenish stock via the Internet. Complete the business automation process and address the highly specific needs of purchasing industrial parts and services.

Infor EAM Mobile

Enable workers to roam between connected and disconnected environments without having to worry about losing application performance. Access, capture, and manage information directly from the job site, resulting in higher productivity and more effective decision-making.

Infor EAM Barcoding

Design and print labels and streamline the tracking and relocating of assets, warranty activation and updating, work registration, and other functions. Assign a barcode to employees so they can log their actions quickly, label standard jobs to provide quick access to job activities, or label spare-parts bins for more accurate and efficient storeroom management.

Infor EAM Advanced Reporting

Maximize the data gathered by Infor EAM with completely web-based reporting. Choose from hundreds of pre-defined reports or build custom version.


Process warranty claims, manage tires and fuel, and improve vehicle performance through preventive maintenance that increases productivity and cost-per-mile savings. With optional VMRS, all Code Key values are included in the Infor EAM database.

Energy Performance

Baseline, monitor, and compare the energy performance of your assets against standards like Energy Star, ASHRAE 90.1, LEED, and Energy Performance standard ISO 14001. Monitor energy performance on all forms of energy: WAGES (water, air, gas, electricity and steam).

Electronic Records and Signatures

Create electronic records, or “snapshots,” of events that occur in the database and require a signature for the event. Through PM version control and audit capability, track insertions, updates, or deletions of every attribute for almost every Infor EAM table as well as all comments per entity.

Reliability, Planning and Analysis (RPA)

Create reliability rankings with associated reliability decision trees that are used as input on user-defined formulas that yield a numerical value. Determine the reliability ranking score associated to a reliability ranking index.

Alert Management

Search the database for specific data and send email or create work orders based on the analysis of that data. Alerts run at a predefined frequency, so they are ideal for anything that does not need immediate action.

Workforce Management

Align workforce management processes with corporate strategy to improve bottom-line business results. Address all critical workforce management requirements, including planning, scheduling, time and attendance, performance management, and compliance.

Newest features

Reservations Calendar

Request and reserve equipment records on a calendar view-type screen. Move reservations within the screen to change start and end times in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

Case Management

Create cases automatically or manually from the call center or work order screens. Save time and money by automatically notifying the proper people and complying with regulatory requirements when events occur.


Track and manage workspaces and moves. Associate employees, equipment, and furnishings with the workspace.

Call Center and Service Request Portal

Collect service requests from a variety of sources: phone, email, fax, and the service request portal. Automatically route to the service desk for immediate handling.


Access and mark up drawings within Infor EAM; calculate floor space using predefined industry standards. Long available in on-premises installations, OpenCAD is now available for SaaS customers and is included as part of the CloudSuite™ Facilities Management offering.

Intelligent Nonconformity Tracking

Quickly identify potential issues that can be tracked over time, and then assign a level of severity or risk based on a preset nonconformity index. More easily audit an event, such as an accident, by creating detailed documentation, and search by severity, intensity, size, and importance.

Expanded Equipment Ranking

Ease a complex process with person-to-person and day-to-day variables by assigning a rank that allows factors such as changes in environment, regulations, procedures, and methods to be taken into account. Introduce a level of consistency, flexibility, and logic to the process of determining equipment rankings.

Expanded Transit and Mobility Management

Bolster productivity for field-based users by allowing for greater access to EAM on a disconnected mobile device. Developed on the Apple® iOS operating
system and designed for use with the Apple iPad® mobile digital device form factor.