Infor M3

An ERP solution to handle complex processes of enterprise manufacturers & distributors

Infor M3 uses the latest technologies to provide an industry-leading user experience, powerful analytics and provides good practice industry-specific process support and functionality. Flexible deployment options and implementation accelerators offer a low total cost of ownership and short time to value. M3 is available on premise or in the cloud and is the hub for a number of Infor’s industry CloudSuites.

  • Industry-specific, comprehensive ERP solution
  • Cloud or on-premises deployment
  • Multisite, multi-company, multi-country, multicurrency, and multi-language
  • 23 languages and 46 countries (42 countries for M3 Cloud)
  • Built-in flexibility and extensibility

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Faster results with reduced risks

Implement M3 quickly without major modifications with Implementation Accelerators—a set of preconfigured, industry-specific processes and content. Reduce project risk and see results faster, while still enjoying the flexibility to tailor the solution to fit your business.

Industry analytics and comprehensive insights

Industry-specific analysis packs deliver prebuilt dashboards, reports, and KPIs. Manage your business strategically, tactically, and operationally with prepackaged industry analytics that provide fast, easy-to-use business intelligence, providing comprehensive, detailed, and contextualized insights.

Flexible deployment options

Experience a variety of flexible and secure deployment options, including cloud, on-premises, and hybrid configuration. Infor supports all of these deployment options and will work with you to find the modern technology solution that best meets your organization's needs and drives best practices.

Solution Benefits
Global solution with comprehensive and rich ERP capabilities
Modern user experience with role-based homepages, social collaboration, and workflow
Industry-specific functionality to cover your unique business needs
A multi-company, multi-site, multi-currency solution
Implementation accelerators for a low total cost of ownership and short time to value
Deployment in the cloud or on-premise
Scalability to support business growth
Open to integrations with other Infor and non-Infor applications
Fast access to new innovations with no more major upgrades
Manage complexity

Complexity is an inescapable part of today’s highly competitive business environment. When effectively using Infor M3 in business management, you can gain a powerful competitive edge. Infor M3 helps you manage your network of people, technology, activities, information, and resources efficiently and economically. You’ll be able to make better decisions, boost operational excellence, and deliver exceptional levels of customer fulfillment.

Global financial visibility

Get a real-time, integrated view of financials across your global business, so you can predict, manage, and report results confidently with M3. Streamline your closing process with access to consistent, accurate information derived from a single, integrated system. You’ll also have the necessary tools to comply with evolving international accounting standards such as US GAAP and IFRS, and the ability to create financial reports and management reports to make better confident business decisions.

Game-changing analytics

Combined advanced analytics technology and pre-packaged, industry-specific content makes M3 a powerful tool in developing actionable insight and minimizing risk. You can enhance that power by adding Infor M3 Analytics, a solution that offers industry-specific, prebuilt reports and dashboards for immediate access to users, allowing managers to get the necessary detailed information and analysis to effectively plan and decide.

Agile supply chains

Infor M3’s advanced supply chain practices help you create and control demand-driven supply networks that are resilient to disruptions. Take advantage of M3's global, multi-site enterprise planning capabilities to synchronize supply processes—lowering inventory, optimizing resource utilization, and improving customer service. You also have the option to integrate your supplier network beyond the four walls of your enterprise by leveraging GT Nexus. Additionally, you can access M3's supply chain execution capabilities—including warehousing, transport management, value-added services, and cross-docking—to optimize distribution, improve delivery performance, and lower fulfillment costs.

Fast, secure deployment

Infor Implementation Accelerators are a set of preconfigured industry solutions allowing you to implement M3 quickly, with highly focused, pre-built content based on industry good practices and expertise, delivering faster results for a quicker return on your investments. As your business changes and grows, it’s easy to adapt the scope and scale of your Infor M3 solution and integrate it more fully with other applications.

Service-centric business model

Many companies are making the transition from product-centric to service-centric business models; now you can provide quality sales and aftersales support using Infor M3’s capabilities, including service contracts, mobile field service, equipment service and rental management, and depot-based repair functionality.

Discover the power of extensibility

Infor M3 utilizes the Infor OS technology platform, which enables M3 to address your business needs beyond a traditional ERP system.

Consumer-grade user experience

Your employees will appreciate how Infor M3 balances simplicity, speed, security, reliability, and performance to give them a smart, intuitive, flexible, and easy-to-use experience. Every aspect of the solution—from design to use in production—has been improved, modernized, and simplified.

Web-based homepages

OS homepages enable you to create role-based views across your applications and puts business intelligence at the center of how users work. With customizable role-based homepages, your employees can easily find the information they need on a single screen with objects such as key performance indicators, alerts, posts, tasks, and documents. Homepages allow for quicker and easier decision-making across the entire solution and provide fast access to the relevant data.

Social business

The OS user experience takes collaboration to new heights for M3 users with social business technologies. You can create a centralized space for communications, ensuring that information is accessible and auditable. Infor OS embeds in-context business intelligence into the user experience that supports contextually aware event-driven operations. You can automatically see relevant information in real time, at the moment you need it, to help you make better decision and complete tasks.

Mobile access

No matter whether you’re working in the office, at home office, or from the road, you can always securely and reliably access your systems, information, and processes via Infor’s mobile applications.

Integration and workflow

Infor OS includes Infor ION®, which enables you to seamlessly integrate Infor M3 with other Infor and non-Infor-based systems. You can integrate and manage data and information workflow, no matter where the data resides or what application created it. Your users can receive tasks, and alerts on changes and events across the enterprise—and wherever they are—through support for mobile devices.

Document management

OS also includes Infor Document Management which is a central repository for important business documents and images, you can add and edit documents from any source; capture text from paper documents—whether machine or hand-printed—into digital formats; you can also create business processes around your documentation. By aligning your content within your core ERP system, you can bring context to the information your people use, without the need to integrate or customize a third-party solution.

Business intelligence

With Birst BI, you get a fully integrated, state-of-the art BI platform for all types of financial and operational analytics and performance management. Infor Birst is in use by customers around the world. Together with Infor M3 Analytics, the Birst BI solution provides key strategic and tactical information to senior executives and users at all levels on KPIs to enable them to steer your business. It goes beyond traditional BI to provide predictive analytics.

Flexible deployment

You can deploy Infor M3 in the cloud as a service for a subscription, or on-premise with a traditional perpetual license model.

Transform your business with M3 Cloud

M3 Cloud and related industry-specific CloudSuite solutions come with industry-leading functionality for the chemical, distribution, equipment, fashion, food and beverage, and industrial manufacturing industries. M3 Cloud is available in 23 languages, and supports local requirements for
42 countries.

A secure path for the future

Future-proof your organization with proven industry functionality and continual development that focuses on evolving industry needs.


A shared infrastructure lowers your TCO by drastically reducing operating expenses, significantly cutting implementation time and costs, and eliminating the need for costly on-premise maintenance.

No more upgrades

A single version of the software, maintained by Infor in the cloud, means you don’t need to deal with major upgrades.

Fast access to new innovations

Major new functionality is delivered on a regular basis, but not forced on customers. You can test the new functionality in the safety of your test environment and switch it on in your production environment once you’re satisfied with the new capabilities.

Flexibility and scalability

Easily and effectively meet the evolving needs of your business with a high degree of scalability for resources and computing processing power.


Security is a major concern that increases both costs and risks for many businesses. Many companies recognize that it’s more secure to run in the cloud, leveraging the investments and expertise of organizations that have significant web services security experience, such as Infor and AWS.

Best-in-class resilience

You’ll get peace of mind at an affordable cost with M3 Cloud’s highly fault-tolerant infrastructure that couples with backup regimes to allow for a very low recovery point objective (RPO).

Openness to support your needs

Take advantage of support for third-party integrations with M3 Cloud’s modern and secure tooling, such as standard and custom BODs and APIs.