SPINE “Point of Sale”

Brings Up Sales Quickly, Easily & Accurately

Added Value

Supports Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Specific VAT Administration Module
  • VAT integrated into Customer Bills
  • VAT integrated into Purchase Module
  • Generate VAT return for GAZT
Bring Up Sales Quickly, Easily & Accurately
  •  Minimize waiting time at checkout
  • Manage barcodes
  • Advanced search features
  • One-click sales reports
  • Capture detailed Customer Data
Easy to Learn & Use
  • Touchscreen or keyboard
  • User-friendly
  • Easy and lookups
  • Works alone or with your existing Accounting Software
  • Access Levels
  • Exports to MS-Excel
POS Features

Powerful Reports on Inventory, Sales & Accounting

Generating accurate reports. Instantaneous updates in sales and purchase records hourly, weekly and monthly gives you a better idea of how your business is doing

Multi branch

The ability to make a copy of the SPINE POS program in each branch you have and connect it with your main branch while ensuring uninterrupted business continuity

Multi-Store Locations

Controlling your inventory can be challenging when you have just one store, let alone several. Our SPINE POS, multi-store inventory gives you one place from which you purchase, receive and transfer stock for all your store locations

Independent Branches

Your branches operate independently and efficiently even without the Internet f


The SPINE POS program allows you to do more than one point of sale in one branch and connect it to one store or separate stores

Easy to Integrate to Other Software

Most software has an API (Application Programming Interface), which is a tool that lets software developers make integrations between apps

Cloud Solution

Manage your branch, anywhere at any time, by monitoring your sales and inventory in all your branches

Rich Data

Customer behavioral data can be used to make better Sales and Customer Service Programs

Promotions & Gift card

SPINE POS support The Loyalty program, maintaining the best customers, and ensuring that they continue to buy and spend money for your products

Multi Language

Support Arabic & English version

Customer Experience (instead of Amazing Customer Service)

Spine POS gives you the tools you need to enhance Customer Experience

PLU support

"Spine POS" support PLU's code with different items, it takes under 1 minute and was all contained in one back office screen