School Management System

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Manage attendance

Educational institutions strive to impart knowledge, skill and training to their students. To ensure the overall development of students it is essential that the students are involved with academic and other activities taking place in the institution. Since the reputation of an institution is invariably linked to the performance of its students, it becomes essential for them to monitor the performance of their students. Attendance is a strenuous and yet a required activity that ensures smooth functioning of the institution. However, resources and time wasted in collecting and maintaining attendance can be used for other purposes. With the Attendance Management, process like taking attendances in class, of weekly, monthly or semester-wise attendance, of class and batch wise attendance can be automated.
• Biometric Automation of Attendances
• Notifications
• Centralized Database

Faculty Management

We come up with Faculty Management module to ease the burden on Faculty members who are taking on more responsibilities each and every day. Considering their busy schedule it’s critical to maximize their time in an efficient and cost-effective way.
• Faculty profile
• Feedback Management
• Attendance and leave
• Career Portal
• Biometric Automation of Attendances
• Notifications
• Centralized Database

Manage assignments

One of the major activities involved in the appraisal of students is assignment evaluation. The Assignment Management is designed to facilitate this task and streamline it for the faculty and the students. Assignments and Projects can be created online by providing a commencing date and submission date by the faculty. Students can also submit the project online as soon as they have completed it. Documents can be directly uploaded by students for grading by the faculty. Faculty can also grade the project which will then be communicated to the student. This makes it easier for the faculty to keep track of submissions and grade them accordingly. The grades are also automatically synced with the results connected to the profile of the student.
• Assignment Scheduling
• Calendar Integration
• Assignment Submission
• Synchronized Across Multiple Platforms
• Synchronized with Other Modules• Biometric Automation of Attendances
• Notifications
• Centralized Database

Time-table Management

• Periods Management
• Generate Time Table
• Weekly Time Table
• Time Table Management
• Reports

Exams Management

• Defining question papers
• Defining questions subject & category wise
• Configuring & preparing exams
• Exam events broadcasting
• Execution of exams
• Examination result with answers

Guest Portal

• Online apply to placement Drives
• Online Examination
• Online registration for alumni membership

Placement Management

• Students management
• Easy generation of student resume
• Job Roles management
• Placement Drive Management
• Placement committee management
• Relation manager, Team & Faculties management

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