Ticketing System

Deliver excellent services to your customers everywhere.

A ticketing software converts all incoming support requests from multiple channels into tickets.

From the ticketing system, it’s easier to prioritize, track and follow-up on customer requests from one place. this will help customer support team communicate better with customers, and handle issues more efficiently.


Ticket Assignments

Tickets can be categorized based on issue type, priority, and department. Ticket assignments automate your team’s case distribution and assign service requests to reps who have more knowledge about a particular issue. This improves case resolution rates because your users will be connected with the employee who is best equipped to handle their problem.

Workflow Automation

With online ticketing software, you can save a lot of time by automating different tasks using time-based or event-based triggers. With automations, you can define rules with complex workflows to ensure customer calls and questions are being routed to the right team or agent. Automations can also help you maintain stability in your customer support lifecycle by helping you set up deadlines and escalation rules.

Reporting and Analysis

Generate reports to analyze ticket progress and review team performance. This will help you better understand what department spends most of their time on, what types of issues are reported, and how to improve the systems in place so that operations continue to run smoothly.

Manage SLAs and meet deadlines

b-inTouch lets you set SLA policies for the time within which department should respond to and resolve tickets. You can even automatically remind specific member or escalate issues to managers whenever SLAs are not met.

File attachments

This feature can enhance the clarity of incoming tickets – users can attach screenshots of the problem or add documents relevant to their current issue.

Multiple channel support

For around-the-clock coverage, it can also be useful to maintain other support channels such as phone, email, or a mobile application. Utilizing multiple channels can help clarify a ticket or answer additional questions, but remember to have a single formal process in place so that tickets are always submitted through one central tool.

Self Service portal

The right ticket software will have support for an extensive knowledge base where you can add detailed solution guides and articles. This can be a valuable resource to customers, as they would be able to find answers to frequently occurring problems, without having to reach out to your support team every time.


Your business might be using a variety of tools to perform different business operations. For example, most SMBs will be using dedicated tools for CRM, invoicing, email marketing etc. It is therefore essential for the ticketing software you choose to be tightly integrated with these solutions.

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