Unified Communication and Mobile App


Unified Communication and Mobile App

Unified Communications allows businesses and individuals to connect in unprecedented ways, starting with making local to international calls using the internet to engaging with customers or employees through any channel while maintaining the same seamless experience.
Unified Communications is not a single product – it is a solution made up of various components, including (but not limited to) the following:
Video and Voice Conferencing, Messaging, File Transfer, Presence, Broadcasting and screen sharing and more all in one.

Increased Workforce Productivity:

For companies that don’t have control of their communications landscapes, the free apps helping employees collaborate throughout daily operations. Especially as remote employment increases, you need to prove that your unified communications solution can offer seamless productivity for employees. Free consumer solutions may not be reliable for global staff meetings or videoconferences—you can capitalize on UC opportunities by guaranteeing frictionless collaboration.

Cost Efficiency for the Global Business:

Revenue streams are evolving in the wake of digital transformation and companies need to improve their bottom lines any way they can. Boosting revenue is great, but if your UC solution can cut costs without sacrificing performance and reliability, you can still drive business value. You have to provide functionality beyond free solutions that can help companies reduce travel costs (with video conferencing and collaboration) and take advantage of pricing models that are more flexible than what would be expected from legacy communications solutions.


Unified Communication is a means of communication that employees expect today

100% Sip standard based

AutoMatic provisioning


web-based admin tool for easy configuration & maintenance

Works with any Sip-based phone

extensive telephone features

scalable from 20 to 5,000 users/server

Support for both windows and linux os

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