Dashboards & Reporting

Make data-driven decisions to improve your business results and take your business performance to the next level

Real-Time Reporting (top 3)

Inbound / Outbound Calls Reports

Have a solid understanding of your inbound contact center operations. Get a holistic view of your outbound dialling performance.

Interval Report

Monitor call peaks at a certain time and make the necessary planning and scheduling decisions.

Agent Report

Track agent’s activity, performance and effectiveness for a selected date or range.

With robust real-time data analytics, you can spot trends and address any potential issues as they arise, nipping them in the bud before they escalate into more damaging and time-consuming issues.

Historical Reporting (top 3)

Calls By DNIS Report

Display the detail of inbound calls for each day in a given time range.

Call By ANI Report

Display the detail of caller’s phone number for each day in a given time range.

Agent Report By Group

View agent’s activity, performance and effectiveness according to their groups (customer care, customer service, complaints, etc.) for each day in a given time range.

Historical data helps you spot service inefficiencies, allowing you to streamline your processes, reduce costs, improve service, and enhance employee motivation levels.

Custom Reporting (top 3)

Call Evaluation Report

Track customer satisfaction scores and deal with negative CSAT on an immediate basis.

SLA Report

Track the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and ensure your contact center meets established standards for customer service.

Call Result Report

Get individual and total number of call results.

Empower your managers and decision makers to retrieve the data that matters to them and create their own custom reports in an easy and consistent way.

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