SPINE IP PBX Phone System

A powerful and flexible IP PBX to take advantage of Unified Communications and collaboration tools.

SPINE IP PBX solutions offer a turnkey business phone system that combines ease-to-use and advanced features supporting SIP, voice messaging, video conferencing, mobility and reporting.

A powerful and flexible Business Phone System

Ease of Use

Easy configuration and customization through an intuitive web-based administration module


Exceptional phone call experience from anywhere, anytime and with any device


Whether your deployment is 20 users, 5,000 users or more, SPINE PBX gracefully scales up to meet all your needs

Call Management

Benefit from sophisticated telephony functions that meet the full spectrum of business requirements, from basic office communications to advanced call center operations, including: call schedule & forwarding, personal & group call rules, voicemail, ring groups (simultaneous ringing), call monitoring (automatic monitoring, supervising mode, silent monitoring and tutor mode), IVR and more.

Call Control

Give your employees a rich and personalized phone experience with a wide range of features, including: auto attendant, call hold, call hunting, call log, call transfer (attended, blind, intercom and transfer to voicemail), call park, call pick up, conference (convene conference, invite attendee, multiple conference rooms, scheduled/instant conference) and more.

Contacts Management

Manage your contact list for both internal extensions and external phone numbers, including: browse contact list, search for specific contact, view contact card and status, create favorites lists, and more.

Voicemail / Messaging

Enrich customer and employee experiences with advanced voicemail features, including: default greetings, customizable greetings, name recording, email notification, voicemail forwarding, voicemail forwarding to email, recording comments to messages, and more.

Simplified Administration

Enjoy a web-based management system that offers convenience in both navigating and configuring the setup and maintenance process. For administrators, it provides access to all user information, call logs, ARS settings, active call sessions, network configuration settings and much more. It also gives individual users access to change their personal PBX extensions and voicemail settings.

Reporting & Analytics

Get real-time reports on both inbound and outbound calls and system usage. Use our Billing Report to monitor and control communication costs by extension and gain insights on how to reduce your company’s telecommunications costs.

Endlessly Customizable

SPINE PBX offers various tools, plug-ins, software developer kits and control libraries that allow application developers to create the most flexible and effective solutions for their needs. These development tools provide the means to invent powerful new applications or to integrate customers’ legacy applications and services with SIP telephony connectivity through SPINE PBX.

Key Features & Capabilities

100% SIP Standard Based

An open standard based SIP with flexible control routing functions that enables high-quality and reliable IP communications with minimal initial investment.

Works with any SIP-Based Phone

Take advantage of a full set of phone features to your employees and make better call experience.

Extensive Telephone Features

Take advantage of an extensive set of telephone features to delight your employees.

Compatible with Windows and Linux OS

SPINE IP PBX Phone System supports many operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux.

Ring Groups

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Send to Voicemail

Allow your callers to leave a message and ensure all inbound calls are answered even outside of your business hours.

Call Control

Provide a seamless and professional experience with call control features such as hold, mute, blind and warm transfers and call conferencing.

Call Conferencing

The ability to conference calls with a supervisor on another extension land line or mobile number.

Call Transfer

The ability to transfer calls to an extension (blind transfer known as cold transfer or announced transfer known as warm transfer) and to land line or a mobile number.

Auto Attendant

Automate and simplify the incoming phone call procedure with the very useful and cost-effective Auto Attendant feature that boosts your image.

WebRTC Connectivity

Boost your efficiency in any environment with simple click-to-call solution from your web browsers and eliminate the need for plugins and native apps.


Whether you are planning to expand your business, launch a new campaign, or simply have a seasonal business, you can benefit from the seamless scalability of SPINE IP PBX.

Our consultants will be happy to presenting our solutions to you remotely or on site, discussing your needs, and advising you on the best implementation approach.