Dedicated to your continuous success

Our Support team of professionals with deep expertise in contact center business area assists you on a daily basis to resolve issues. It enables you to take advantage of our SPINE Business Solutions and quickly achieve your business goals.

Our Support team, partner of your success

Deliver proactive and preventive support with speed and agility

Assist customers in day-to-day challenges

Engage with our support team, either onsite or remotely, to overcome technical challenges and maximize your productivity. Once it’s up and running, our main focus will be to ensure that our solution delivers exceptional performance.

Provide personalized support service

Our Support team has in-depth knowledge of your environment and your contact center implementation. It will take fast and reliable action to prevent and resolve issues quickly, accurately and professionally.

Deep contact center expertise

Our experienced consultants are available to accelerate problem resolution and meet service level requirements. Our support services go beyond standard troubleshooting to understand features and learn best practices.

Collaboration & Knowledge sharing

Easily interact with our Support team through different channels to get faster answers with less effort. Empower your team and develop the necessary skills through personalized and targeted workshops and training.

How do we work?

To enable continuous success in a fast changing environment, we adopt a rigorous and flexible approach.


the scope of the support.


on SLA and escalation process.


dedicated support resources.


support on different channels.


monthly service report.

Our consultants will be happy to presenting our solutions to you remotely or on site, discussing your needs, and advising you on the best implementation approach.